Monday, September 5, 2011

First Tutorial AMANDA ©Scott Sketches

Okay this is my FIRST time writing a tut!!
I hope you understand it

Must have Knowledge of PSP
I use psp11 but I'm sure any version will do.

Scott Sketches Exclusive tube of AMANDA
Skrap kit "Harvest Blessings" by Farrah's Designer Scraps
You can purchase kit HERE
Tube is an exclusive so if you buy 5 of Scott's tubes you will receive AMANDA free
and can be purchases HERE
WynterMask1903084 (lost the link, I have had these masks for years)
Font: Selfish
Pixel font for ©
Plugins: Gradient Glow
Effects Inner Bevel & Drop Shadow


Okay lets begin

Start with transparent canvas 800x800 pixels
Open Tube by Scott Sketches
Open following from scrap kit
Frame 2, Paper 5,Crow element, Berries 2,Leave 7, leaves 6, leaves 3,
Pumpkin 1, broom, flower 2.

Now that you have everything opened in psp here is what we will do
Copy/paste Frame2 in center of canvas, resize paper 5 to 500 pixels.
magic wand inside of frame, Selections/Modify/ Expand 5.
copy/paste paper on frame. Selections/ Invert/ Delete/select none.

repeat with frame with magic wand..
now copy/paste large head shot of tube into frame, pull to the right so the head is focused in the middle.
Selections/ Invert/ Delete/select none.
Effects/Gradient glow/ black 3/60 opacity.
Same Gradient Glow for frame as well
NOTE:change opacity of tube up to 70

Copy and paste main tube with body, move it to the right side of the frame (See mine above)
Effects/Gradient glow/ black 3/60 opacity
Effects/ Drop shadow/black -5,-4,78,10

Pumpkin, Image/ Re-size 150 width pixels
copy/paste at bottom of full tube
Crow, Image/Re-size 150 width pixels/ Image/ Mirror
copy/paste right next to pumpkin, over lapping a bit, feet aligned with bottom of frame
Flower, Image/Re-size 100 width pixels
copy/paste over pumpkin and covering crows feet (See image above)
Broom, copy.paste on top of pumpkin, in layers pallet drag under flower
Effects/ Gradient Glow/black 3/ 60 opacity

Berries, Copy/Paste, place to lower left part of frame.
Effects/ Gradient Glow/black 3/ 60 opacity

Leaves 6, Image/Re-size 126 pixels width
Copy/Paste on top-Image/Free Rotate/Left 20
move to right of canvas, drag under tube (see image above)
Effects/ Gradient Glow, Black opacity 36

Leaves3, Image/ Re-size 500 pixels HEIGHT
Effects/ Gradient Glow, Black opacity 36
move to left side of frame, drag in layer pallet under Berries

Leaves 7, Image/ Rotate left (so it is standing up)
Image/ Re-size 400 pixels HEIGHT
Copy/Paste on left side of frame
Drag in layers pallet, right bellow Berries, and leaves 3
Effects/ Gradient Glow, Black opacity 36

Down to raster layer 1
flood fill #a27501c
Import mask
Layers/New mask layer/ Import from image/WynterMask1903084/delete mask/ merge group
Adjust/Add noise/ Gaussian 50 Monochrome checked.
Effects/Gradient glow/ Black opacity 36

Layers/ Merge visible
add © info
Layers/Merge visible

Re-size 600x600 pixels, save as png.

NOW add your name

I chose a color from the yellow leaves
Stroke 1
write out your name/size 72/ turn it a bit (see image above) 
Effects/ inner bevel with settings below

Effects/Gradient Glow ( i used a deep orange from hair on the tube)
Effects/ Drop shadow 5-4-100-3-Black

Layer / merge visible
Save as png. and give it a name

Your done!!!
I hope I made sense, any feedback is greatly appreciated
Thank you

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